7 Best Gaming Keyboards 2019

Upgrading to a dedicated keyboard makes a big difference to your gaming experience. Whether you are a devoted first-person shooter player or a casual variety gamer, there is a perfect keyboard to upgrade your experience.

Choosing what to get is difficult. Mechanical or non-mechanical? What type of switches? Will you be using it for gaming or work or both?

Here are the top gaming keyboards to suit your needs.

1. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum - Cherry MX Speed PC/Mac, Keyboard

If you want a time tested, battle-proven game keyboard that gives you the very best, you need the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum. There is a reason the K95 tops so many lists as the best gaming keyboard. This is down to both Corsair’s superior build quality, and its performance as a mechanical keyboard. A brushed aluminum frame houses 110 RGB LED backed keys with a choice of Cherry MX Brown or Speed switches.

The six macro keys are assignable to commands or multi-key combinations via the free iCue software. Each LED is individually assignable with onboard profile saving. There’s even a 19 zone LED edge which skirts the top edge of the keyboard. Comfort and convenience come in the form of a detachable wrist rest along with dedicated media buttons, active anti-ghosting measures, and a metal continuous volume control.

2. Razer Huntsman Elite

Razer Huntsman Opto-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (USA Layout - QWERTY)

The Razer Huntsman Elite brings something entirely new to the table. Razer’s Opto-Mechanical switches combine traditional mechanical key switch design with light activated sensors. This brings actuation speeds faster than other keyboard of this class.

The Huntsman also features edge and key LEDs, which are controllable through the Razer Synapse complimentary software. These lighting configurations can be saved as profiles onboard. Razer gives you no macro keys, opting instead for their Hypershift system. This uses a modifier key to program macros into any key on the keyboard. A detachable wrist rest and customizable tactile media keys round up a truly cutting edge and premium experience.

Choosing the very best mechanical keyboard for gaming is hard. If you asked me to choose between the Corsair K95 and the Huntsman Elite, I am not sure I could! Whichever you choose, you will not be disappointed.

3. ROCCAT Vulcan 121

ROCCAT Vulcan 121 Aimo - RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Where the first two choices are triumphs of technical design, the ROCCAT Vulcan 121combines that design with beautiful aesthetics. The body of the Vulcan 121 is a single piece of black anodized aluminum, on which the unique Titan key switches and caps sit.

ROCCAT claims their Titan switches are the fastest on the market, and whether you believe this or not, you can expect high performance both in-game and out. The RGB switch lights have limited customization onboard, and you won’t find any macro keys here.

What you will find is a great all-round keyboard with unique aesthetics that looks good and feels good. One special note here is that the rotary assignable volume knob on this keyboard is the nicest I’ve used on any keyboard.

4. Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech G613 Wireless Gaming Keyboard (Mechanical Keyboard with Lightspeed Technology) - German Layout

While it lacks some of the visual bells and whistles you may find on other gaming keyboards, the Logitech G613 delivers performance.

The full-size keyboard features six macro keys, dedicated media controls, and a choice of Bluetooth, or Logitech’s Lightspeed connection. The Romer-G mechanical switches are exclusive to Logitech keyboards. They give a quiet, reliable performance with a reported actuation level of 3mm.

You won’t find LEDs on this keyboard. What you get instead is a blisteringly fast wireless connection to a keyboard that can go up to 18 months between charges.

5. Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Switches (RK-9000V2 BR)

For a gaming keyboard which wouldn’t look out of place in an office, you might want to consider the Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Rosewill keyboards are universally loved by typists for their simple and solid build.

There are no extra media keys on this keyboard. Instead, the function keys are used to control media much like on many laptops. This version also does not feature LEDs. Rosewill keyboards are available with many switch types. However, for a perfect blend of typing and gaming, we’d recommend the Cherry MX Browns.

6. Corsair K55 RGB

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard PC/Mac, Keyboard

If you don’t like mechanical switches, you can still get a good gaming keyboard, and save a little cash in the process!

The Corsair K55 RGB is an example of a high-quality membrane gaming keyboard. Similar in form factor to the venerable K95, the K55 comes with many of the same features at a lower price.

Six macro keys and three zone RGB LED lights are controllable through the Corsair iCue software package. This is a full-sized keyboard with a wrist rest. A bonus benefit of the membrane keys is quietness too.

7. DREVO Calibur RGB Bluetooth

Bluetooth keyboards can suffer from battery life issues, but the DREVO Calibur RGB Bluetooth sidesteps this at a budget-friendly price. It has good battery life and ability to charge while being used via USB. This makes it perfect for those looking for a Bluetooth 4.0 mechanical gaming keyboard.

The small form factor of the Drevo makes it a great choice for mobile gamer too. The 71 keys are extended by function modifiers making it fully customizable. Available with Blue, Red or Brown Cherry MX switches, the keyboard comes with seven preset RGB lighting effects.