Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

When the Google signed the cancellation permit for YouTube video editor in September 2017 people started to look for some better alternatives. Here we choose some of the best software to make great YouTube videos. Ever wanted to become a vlogger? Here’s how it goes.

What is video editing software for YouTube?    

Video editing software is the resource for intensive tasks and while there are many online video editors for your convenience. You can use several softwares that are incredible and wouldn’t leave any watermarks on your video.

Guide for best Video Editing Software for YouTubers

Here I have prepared the list of best alternative video editing software for YouTube with all necessary steps. These video editing softwares helps you to combine and cut your video clips in your browser. By keeping this in mind here are the best tools and totally featured software. Give this software a try and get videos ready to blast on YouTube or other sites.

Movavi Video Editor

the image of the tiger with special effects in movavi video editor

    Don’t have to waste your time on the study of complicated software just use this incredible Movavi Video editor. In just in 30 minutes, you can get your desired video results with this software. I have listed the main steps for creating the movie or video editing. You can perform

    • Splitting of videos and cutting of unsolicited parts
    • Use artistic effects in videos
    • Various smooth transitions for videos
    • Overlapping of Titles _ add them on beginning, and it ends
  • Upload the video or save it for preferred viewing.

Here the important steps for editing the video:

1. Addition of media files

Open the desired file by clicking the “Add Media Files” option. From here drag the video from your PC you want to do the edit. The uploaded file will automatically be saved on the Timeline of the program.

2. Splitting of Video

For deleting the unwanted parts select the video on the timeline and click on the scissor icon. Set the red marker at the position of unwanted components and split them into sections. For deleting the unwanted segments just select the part of the video and choose the waste-bin icon.

3. Appealing artistic effects

By clicking the filter icon, you can move directly to the effects gallery. Movavi Video Editor provides you 160+ artistic effects so you can use these effects in your videos. For applying the artistic impact just drag the effects onto the targeted part of the video.

4. Smooth Transitions

With the amazing transition options, you can join all the fragments. For previewing dwindles just click on the transition icon you are interested in. For adding simply drag the desire transition onto the timeline and place it between your video.

5. Titles

Click on the Titles button, and you can see the already design titles. Drag the title of your desire onto the timeline, and it will appear separately.

6.  Add music

You can add music of your own selection. Drag the music onto the timeline and adjust it according to the size of your video.

7.  Save the video

After making all the editing into the video you just have to save this project on an appropriate place or export the video to your desired location.

To get Movavi Video Editor click this link.

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Adobe Premiere Pro

adobe premiere pro interface a young man in pink jacket

Adobe premiere pro is also important software for editing the best videos for YouTube. Here are some general steps which you would take for video editing or other purposes.

Before Editing

Before stat editing in Premiere Pro, you need to make footage for work on it. You can shoot your own footage, or you can also use the footages of other people. In Premiere Pro you can also work with visuals, photos, and audios.

Steps to start editing

Start the project

First of all, you have to choose your project and adjust the workplace setting. For creating a new project just click on the New Project Launch dialogue option.  You can select the name and location of the new project. After you have chosen the settings for the new project just click on the OK.

Import media files

Next, you have to import media files like the video you want to edit from your PC or any other media leading formats. Every file you capture or video you import becomes the clip in the project panel. You can organize these files on the control panel by using Adobe Bridge. You can also create synthetic media, such as different color bars, standard color options, and countdown.

Sequence creation

Add your desired video clips to the Time panel. You can make segments of a master clip; you can also see the waveform of audios and work on them precisely. 


Create titles according to your needs by using Adobe Premiere Pro. You can add text, shapes and design layers of your choice.

Transition and Effects

You can get the exclusive list of different transitions and effects from the effect panel. You can apply these effects and transitions into clips and adjust the effects of the clip’s motion, opacity and rate of Variable Sketch.

Mix audio

You can use the track-based audio setting for audio mixing board, complete fading, sends and pan sliders. You can also record from the sound mixer or can use mix audio for 5.1 surroundings.


You can deliver your edited video to any medium of your choice like DVD, Blu-ray disc or simply upload the video on YouTube or any other site.

To get Adobe Premiere Pro click this link.

Cyber Link PowerDirector

The interface of PowerDirector video editor

PowerDirector is also one of the important software. Cyber Link PowerDirector is a pro-level for video editing and production. It is specially designed for 64-bit windows system due to its specialty in speed. You can create exciting themes, videos, subtitles, and many 3D animated titles.

Why you can use PowerDirector?

    • For unique effects many customizable tools with new mask designer
    • For stunning effects blend different clips on various tracks
    • Effects of light, color, and waveforms from leading video designers
    • Analyzes video footage with fantastic Theater colors
    • Adjust hues and vibrations
    • Experience the true-of-life creating
  • Professionally design templates and effects

Complete workflow on Video, Audio and Color Editing

Amazing videos can only be produced by using great audio, and for this purpose, PowerDirector provides you an innovative audio studio. You can use AudioDirector, the end to end audio editing, recording of sounds, mixing and different production tools.  PowerDirector is loaded with the tools that can affectionately put together the digital video, complete with transitions and professional effects and specially designed titles.

Here I am sharing with you the primary process of editing a video on Cyber Link Power Director. You just have to follow 5 steps for editing or creating videos.


Open the Cyber Link PowerDirector and make the choice of Easy editor.


For importing the media file just click on the Media Folder and drag the video on the Time-Panel. Just click on the media folder and then click on the media folder.


Make the selection of the styles of your choice or the styles which go best with your video.

Music adjustments

You can add music of your choice in the background. Add mix audio level with music and video slider and adjust the timing.

Preview and Customization

Your video is created or edited so for seeing the final results click on the preview options. You can customize the specific disc’s menu and burn your production to a CD.

By using all the above software, you can create best YouTube edited videos.

To get CyberLink PowerDirector click this link.

These software are the best for any YouTuber – pro and beginner alike. Feel free to comment if you find the one you need or if you suggest any other software to be picked for this list. Also check out our article Top 10 Best Photo Editing Software in 2018.